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Buy Lipitor online

Lipitor is a high cholesterol treatment made by Pfizer. It belongs to the statin category of medicine, and works by interfering with the processes which produce cholesterol. It is designed to be use alongside a cholesterol-lowering diet and exercise. Typically, a doctor will begin a course of this drug on a low dose of 10mg per day, and then adjust this after a period of time if necessary, according to its effectiveness. Buy Lipitor online

Lipitor dosages

Lipitor 10mg tablets and chewable

Typically, 10mg is prescribe as an initiation dose. In addition, prior to commencing treatment, a doctor will advise a patient to follow a reduced-cholesterol diet. This particular dose is available as a standard tablet or as a chewable tablet.

Lipitor 20mg tablets and chewable

In some cases, a doctor may choose to increase the dose to 20mg. They may do this if the 10mg dose is not having the desired effect. Dose increases will be carried out by a prescriber in four week increments. The 20mg dose is also available in chewable form.

Lipitor 40mg

The 40mg dose is only available in standard tablet form. It may be prescribe in cases where the 20mg dose has not been sufficient.

Lipitor 80mg

This is the highest possible dose of Lipitor, and is again only available as a regular tablet. This will only be issue in those cases where the lower doses have failed to produce the desired result.

Side effects

Not everyone who uses this drug will experience side effects. But it remains important to be aware of the nature of these so that you can take the appropriate action in the event that they occur.

Tell your doctor right away if you notice anything resembling: an allergic reaction; severe skin problems, such as peeling, blistering, or blotches; muscle weakness, tenderness or pain; or liver problems. Refer to the patient information leaflet for more on these.

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